Delivery Items

The following is a list of basic delivery items that Echelon Studios would need to license and sell your independent film to countries around the World. Some of the Delivery Items would be dependent upon whether your film is going to an "A" list buyer such as HBO, Showtime or iTunes.  We can also accept a digital file of your film so that we can encode your film into a variety of different formats, as necessary.  It would be best to discuss this with our Acquisitions Team on how best to move forward with your delivery items.






The following Delivery Items/Film Materials will be accessible to Sales Agent in a quick and timely manner, unless otherwise stated below:   Please provide all documents and material deliveries in digital format.  Failure to deliver required masters within forty (40) days of execution of Agreement will empower Sales Agent to utilize latest version of Picture delivered:


Apple ProRes 422 or Apple QuickTime MOV digital files — with both Trailer and Feature provided with stereo mix and stereo music & effects mix (M&E).


If you shot on film and wish to deliver on tape you can deliver Digi-Betacam Video Masters PAL & NTSC – with both trailer and feature provided with stereo composite mix on channels 1 & 2 and stereo music & effects mix on channels 3 & 4  (Preferably both full frame & letterbox versions; BetaSP or DVCam).


Textless Titles – when titles are over picture, you will need to include the picture without the titles in order for foreign territories to replace with their own titles; if titles are over black only, this is not applicable.  This can be put on the same master after the feature.


Television Master – a copy of your feature film with no nudity, profanity or graphic violence.  Some territories around the World will not broadcast a film with these elements.


DVD Master (labeled as such) of the Feature, Trailer and Bonus Materials (if any) – to be used for Authored DVD Master (Fully Authored DVD Master acceptable but not necessary).


Lab access to the Print elements of the Feature, if available, in at least one of the following formats: Negative, Inter-negative, Inter-positive or Low Contrast (ONLY If applicable – NOT if  feature was created in video or digital format).


Electronic OR computer generated art on a CD (at least 300 DPI).


Poster: in LAYERS in Photoshop or Illustrator ONLY; Stills in JPEG format ONLY.


Electronic Press Kit & Hard Copy press materials.


Dialogue List – a list of the speaking parts of the film; no direction or other exposition included, merely the dialogue of the film along with the Time Code of where the dialogue is placed in your film.  This should be formatted as a srt (txt) file.  The dialogue list is used for closed captioning requirements which is now the legal requirement for all films that broadcast in the U.S. and Canada as of April 1, 2014.


Music Cue Sheet – Stating for each composition in the picture the following: the title, the composers, publishers, copyright owners, performers, arrangers, usage, performing rights society, as well as the film footage and running time.


Credit Block – As printed on DVD back cover, posters, flyers, etc., (Sample available if necessary).


PA Copyright – Copy of document filed with the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington, D.C.


Certificate of Origin – states where you made the film, under what production company name, how long the film is, under what director, etc. 


Proof of payment to SAG, Talent, Director, music sync licenses, composer, writer, and all corresponding contracts (this is only needed for a major U.S. sale, when applicable).


Recent & approved spot QC report – the master given a clean bill of health by your lab, when applicable.


If you have any questions regarding the delivery requirements then just email our Acquisition Team at [email protected]