Launching A Film On A Shoestring

Controlling the cost of shooting a film is infinitely easier than controlling the cost of marketing a film. Filmmaking is a finite expense: camera rental, actors, writers and directors, editing. However, marketing a film, if done right, offers a multitude of options that can quickly escalate to big bucks before you blink an eye. Ever check the cost of a tiny 1" x 2" ad in The New York Times?


That's why we're thrilled about our ECHELON DISTRIBUTION Program. For one fixed cost of $15,000.00 we offer all the essential services you'll need to market your film. No surprises. No hanky-panky.


Below are the services we include on our program. Calculate what you think it will cost to do this on your own, and you'll probably need to take an extra-strength Prozac.


* A full one-week run at a theater in New York or a Laemmle theater in Los Angeles. You'll keep 100% of the box office income, which will certainly reduce your cost.


* Inclusion of your film in an ad in The New York Times and the Village Voice and Laemmle's ad in the Los Angeles Times.


* The services of a professional, well-connected publicist to contact the critics, write and mail press releases, set up interviews, and compile and distribute production notes.


* Encoding and submitting your film to the major digital platforms (iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Google, and Sony).


* Marketing your film to TV stations and networks (domestic and international).


* Marketing DVDs of your film to retail chains, schools, colleges, and libraries.


Convinced?  Then contact us for more details and costs.  We can also increase the number of theaters and cities should you wish to make a bigger theatrical splash.  And, if you're ready to get started, why not email us a link to your film for a free, no-obligation, evaluation.