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Monday Morning, January 30, 2017. Volume 34, Issue 20 HTML Version

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Post-Incentive Auction Transition Plan Set
The FCC's Incentive Auction Task Force and Media Bureau on Friday released its lengthy official post-incentive auction transition scheduling plan, and it codifies the creation of construction deadlines within the 39-month post-broadcast incentive auction transition period for TV stations assigned new channels in the repacking process. The plan adopts a methodology to establish construction deadlines for full power and Class A television stations that are transitioning to new channels following the incentive auction — with modifications resulting from commenters who generally expressed support for the proposal. Suggestions from the NAB, however, were nixed by the Media Bureau. More ..

FCC's O'Rielly To Keynote Hispanic Radio Conference
With a new administration and new leadership at the FCC, changes are in the wind that will affect every broadcaster in every market. Are you ready for them? Republican FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly is. He argues that social media and other non-broadcast or newspaper entertainment and information providers are true participants within the market. That's why he opposes any increased ownership regulations or restrictions. What this means for the owners of AM and FM radio stations, in particular those serving Hispanic consumers, will be crux of O'Rielly's Keynote Address at the upcoming 2017 Hispanic Radio Conference in Fort Lauderdale. More ..

Bluegrass Country To Stay Put In D.C.
American University’s WAMU-FM has been associated with bluegrass music for decades and presently operates an FM translator at 105.5 MHz from a tower just over the Maryland-D.C. line devoted to the Americana genre. Its future was in question, but the Bluegrass Country Foundation has come to the rescue and will soon begin operating the station, which also airs on the HD2 subchannel tied to one of the nation's biggest NPR stations. More ..

RBR + TVBR OBSERVATION: Our Editor-in-Chief, Adam R Jacobson, is a graduate of American University and notes that he is pleased that bluegrass music will continue to air on 105.5 MHz, allowing an institution with "America" in its name to give Americana a new lease on life in the Nation's Capital. 

Why Is Saga A Great Choice For Dividend Investors?
Investment research and analysis website CapitalCube has taken a deep look at Saga Communications and conducted a dividend analysis of the company. In doing so, it compares Saga to five other publicly traded radio broadcast companies. Given Saga's dividend yield and its dividend payout, "this type of dividend performance might make it a good stock for dividend investors," CapitalCube declares. More ..

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Is A Spectrum Exit Likely For Univision?
Nearly seven months after Univision Communications sued Charter Communications in a dispute over programming fees, one of the nation's biggest Hispanic media players has started warning Charter customers that they may soon lose access to Univision, UniMás and even the Galavisión pay-TV network. More ..

Tijuana-based SoCal Player Set For 'Gala' Switch
A VHF facility licensed to Baja California will be ending a 64-year run serving the San Diego DMA's English-speaking audiences in late spring. It has nothing to do with the border wall that President Trump plans to authorize, and the resulting skirmish with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto that has led to a blackout of all public discussion on the matter. Rather, the pending switch to Spanish-language programming for XETV-6 is the resulted of failed talks on securing a new contract with The CW Network. More ..

Should The FCC Review 'Harms' Of Cable Bundles?
As the American Cable Association (ACA) sees it, "large, powerful programmers require smaller multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) to clog their systems with unpopular channels in order to carry channels actually desired by consumers." While the view of the ACA may not be universally shared, the ACA — along with independent programmers MAVTV Motorsports Network; One America News Network and AWE; and RIDE TV — have urged the FCC to "address the harms associated with channel bundling." More ..

RBR + TVBR OBSERVATION: Here we go .. the battle over bundles is heating up once again. While we don't wish to antagonize the nine TV industry giants that are part of the National Cable Television Cooperative, we argue that in 2017, bundles are pretty ridiculous.

Nexstar Board Approves Dividend Bump
Nexstar Media Group's Board of Directors has given the green light to a little bigger dividend for eligible shareholders of record on Feb. 10. The dividend is payable on Friday, Feb. 24. More ..

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Intelligence Brief
Is 'Net-Connected TV Penetration Maxing Out?
The likelihood that a household with broadband connectivity has an internet-connected television has soared in just the last three years. That's the key finding from new research conducted by Plano, Texas-based market forecaster The Diffusion Group (TDG). In fact, the penetration of Internet-connected TVs among U.S. broadband households has increased from 50% in 2013 to 74% at the end of 2016. But, getting to 80% may be a slow go. More ..

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'Devil's Advocate' Grabs A Daytimer
Talk radio with a liberal focus had waned during the last years of the Obama administration. With the headline-filled start of the Trump administration, could liberal talk radio be poised for a comeback? All eyes will be poised on Milwaukee to see if a daytime-only AM will serve as a catalyst for a new resurgence on a national level. In a deal that has yet to be filed with the FCC, a Madison, Wisc., native who co-hosts a syndicated liberal talk program has agreed to purchase this AM from Craig Karmazin's Good Karma Broadcasting for an as-yet-undisclosed price. More ..

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A Forgettable Week For SBS
Spanish Broadcasting System stock is in a free-fall, and on Friday shares fell another 2.9%, to $1.35. It's quite a swoon for SBS, which was delisted from Nasdaq on Jan. 18 and shifted to an over-the-counter exchange the next day with its stock valued at $2.45. Meanwhile, just when company executives could breathe a sigh of relief, Cumulus Media is again below that all-important $1 level. More ..

The RBR Radio Index fell 6.348, or 1.06%, to 594.097.
The TVBR Television Index rose 1.861, or 0.19%, to 975.930.

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