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Tuesday Morning, January 31, 2017. Volume 34, Issue 21 HTML Version

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Who Wants To 'Prudently Pursue' Attractive Buys?
One of the biggest owners of AMs and FMs in the U.S. yesterday released its January 2017 Investor Presentation, and the 14-page PowerPoint highlights the media company's "solid capital structure, attractive growth, diversified revenue base, and strong free cash flow." It also provides details regarding its plan to reduce its net leverage, and how it is seeking to grow primarily through what it considers "attractively valued acquisition opportunities." The arrival of this latest investor presentation comes as the company revealed in an SEC filing that it is meeting with its lenders to discuss a possible reduction in the interest rate under its senior secured credit agreement. More ..

MMTC To FCC: Give Class C4 An NPRM
Speaking at the 2016 Radio Show in Nashville, then-FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai noted that he wants a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on a 2014 plan that would create a new class of FM stations that would broadcast at 12Kw from a reference antenna height of above average terrain of 100 meters. "Under this proposal, it’s likely that hundreds of Class A FM stations could upgrade to Class C4 FM stations,” Pai said. Now that Pai is the FCC's Chairman, the Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council would like the Commission to move forward with the NPRM. More ..

SBAs To FCC: OK Internet-based Recruiting
A coalition of nearly every state broadcasters association in the U.S. on Monday filed joint comments with the FCC asking it to clarify that Internet-only recruitment would qualify as broad employment outreach for job vacancies under its revised EEO rule. The Petition for Rulemaking addresses a long-sought clarification from the broadcasters associations — one that first arose nearly 15 years ago. At the time, the FCC believed the internet was "not sufficiently mature" to rely upon as an exclusive recruitment tool. More ..

RBR + TVBR OBSERVATION: It's time, FCC. The last time we can recall a job search that involved the placement of a print ad, "Gangsta's Paradise" was the No. 1 song and the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was still months away from being signed into law by a new Congress. The Internet still largely involved America Online, and we were buying out-of-town newspapers at a Farragut North newsstand to stay connected to the world outside the Beltway.

AutoZone Makes A Comeback
In last week's Media Monitors Radio Spot Ten report, iHeartRadio held steady at No. 1. GEICO climbed to No. 2 while Walgreens rose to No. 3. More ..

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FCC Takes Next Step To Conclude Spectrum Auction
As it did in August, the FCC has taken a step to speed up bidding in Stage 4 of the Forward Auction by doubling the increment percentage used to set new clock prices for all spectrum in each round. The shift from adding a fixed 5% increment to the previous round’s posted price to a 10% increment begins tomorrow, with Round 22 set to commence at 10 a.m. Eastern. More ..

Guess What Company's Stock Is A Good Value?
A veteran Morgan Stanley media industry analyst on Monday gave a recently beleaguered company's publicly traded stock a great shot in the arm, awarding it with an "Overweight" rating. The move also puts a positive spotlight on a segment of this media giant that some Wall Street analysts believe is best sold, rather than put through rehabilitation. More ..

How Much Is Meredith's Dividend Lift?
The Meredith Corporation's Board of Directors has returned from its annual strategic retreat with some good news for shareholders: On Saturday, it approved a 5.1% increase of its regular stock dividend to $2.08 per share on an annualized basis. Also at its annual strategic retreat came the election of a former top executive at GNC, Bath & Body Works, Rite Aid and Procter & Gamble Co. as a board director. More ..

Car Dealer Associations Again
In last week's Media Monitors TV Spot Ten report, the Chevrolet Dealer Association held on to No. 1. The Nissan Dealer Association ascended to No. 2 while GEICO dropped to No. 3. More ..

Insurance Carriers Again At The Top
In last week's Media Monitors Cable Spot Ten report, GEICO remained at No. 1 with. Liberty Mutual Insurance held on to No. 2 and Trivago rose to No. 3. More ..

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Intelligence Brief
Is 'Content Innovation' Key To Radio's Growth?
The fourth-largest radio broadcaster in the U.S. yesterday launched a new division. This segment of the company, Entercom, will focus its efforts squarely on "providing listeners with a deeper, richer experience both on and off air via exclusively developed digital and social content and national syndication of locally curated content." What the heck does this mean? It means a major owner of AM and FM radio stations is investing in something that some industry observers have lamented doesn't get enough attention. More ..

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A Deep South Border Town AM Changes Hands
A Class D daytimer serving a community split by a state line is being sold to the owner of another AM some 50 miles to the northeast. It's the lone deal on a quiet day for transactions at the FCC. More ..

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The Bleeding Continues For 'SBSAA'
The Dow Jones Industrials Average dipped 122.65 points, to 19,971.13, on Monday, while the Nasdaq composite index was off 47.07, to 5,613.71. Among the gainers on Wall Street were radio companies such as Townsquare Media, up 3.25%, to $10.79, and Cumulus Media, which is back over the $1 threshold with a 2.1% climb, to $1.01. However, the severe trading woes continued for Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS). SBS shifted to the over-the-counter exchange after being dislisted on Nasdaq Jan. 18, and in its first trading day as "SBSAA" on Jan. 19 opened at $2.40 a share. It's been on a downward slide ever since. More ..

The RBR Radio Index fell 6.241, or 1.05%, to 587.856.
The TVBR Television Index rose 4.398, or 0.45%, to 980.328.

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