Sales & Licensing




There was a time when a film's life ended with a theatrical run. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. A theatrical run is still vital, as it establishes the film's credibility, generates buzz, and produces those important reviews. But today, a film's life does not end with the theatrical run.  It's just the beginning.


Our ECHELON STUDIOS DISTRIBUTION program is committed to helping you generate revenue long after the theatrical run ends. The program achieves this by marketing and selling your film in three major ancillary (non-theatrical) markets:


1. TV SALES and DISTRIBUTION. Selling your film to major TV broadcast stations and networks in domestic and international markets can be nerve-racking but highly lucrative. It requires strong relationships with overseas outlets and sales agents. With strong marketing, it's not uncommon for a TV network to pay 5 figures for the right type of film. We work with outlets like the BBC, Channel 4 (UK), Russia Today, AMC, and National Geographic.


2. DIGITAL PLATFORMS and CABLE VOD. Acceptance by many of these platforms will depend on the quality of the film, proper encoding, and the comprehensiveness of the Submission Package (which we produce). We use professionals to do the encoding and we work hard to compile a compelling Submission Package. We offer most of the popular platforms and cable stations like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Video, Hulu, Google Play, Sony, Starz, HBO, and Comcast.


3. NO RISK DVD SALES. DVDs of your film will be marketed to retail chains, schools, colleges, and libraries. Your film will be prepared and placed on secure servers, making it available for purchase and/or distribution on an ON DEMAND basis. No inventory to maintain, no warehousing, no missed business opportunities, no waste, no risk.



You can produce and sell DVD's without risk. Here's how: our ECHELON STUDIOS DISTRIBUTION Program manufactures DVDs on an on-demand basis, sometimes called "Burn-on-Demand." As an order comes in, DVDs are made and shipped directly, the same day. No inventory to keep. No cash to tie up. No waste. No risk.


DVDs are "retail-packaged" with full-color wraps and disc graphics, housed in an industry-standard retail case, and CSS copy protected using studio-approved technology. There are no minimum-order requirements. Again, no risk.


But making DVDs on-demand is only part of the story. Selling DVDs is the big job. Our EWCHELON STUDIOS DISTRIBUTION Program transmits metadata, images, pricing, and sell sheets to 120 online and in-store retailers and 14 wholesalers (that sell to an additional 600 retailers and 80,000+ libraries, colleges, and universities).


Filmmakers can expect a royalty of approximately 35% on each sale.


DVD sales may be down, but they are still a billion-dollar business. So, pursue it. After all, ytou've got nothing to lose.