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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Taboola Acquires ConvertMedia, An Outstream Video Ad Provider, to Fuel Video Recommendations

Posted by Will Richmond

Taboola, a large content recommendation platform, has acquired ConvertMedia, an outstream video ad provider with $50 million in annual run rate revenue and roots in display advertising. Taboola’s thumbnail recommendations at the end of text articles are found widely on major online publishers’ sites. The company provides 14-15 billion of these recommendations on a daily basis to over 1 billion unique users per month.

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Category: Advertising, Deals & Financings, Technology
Topic: ConvertMedia, Taboola

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Making Multiscreen Campaigns Pay Off [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

Posted by Will Richmond

At last month’s Video Ad Summit, Brenley Higgins (Director, US Media, American Express) and Greg Manago (Co-president, Mindshare Content + Entertainment) shared their insights about how audience fragmentation and convergence are changing their media and creative strategies. In the interview I did with them, they shared a number of examples of campaigns that exemplify how they’re leveraging social media generally and Facebook specifically to target audiences and engage them.

Brenley and Greg also explained some of the best practices they’ve learned including how to get viewers’ attention in a limited time window, how to build media plans that blend TV, online video and social, how to optimize talent’s involvement in new and creative ways and the important role that data is playing in influencing creative development.

Overall, it’s a fascinating 30-minute peek behind the curtain of how advertisers and agencies are adapting their strategies to succeed in the multiscreen world.  

Watch the video now (33 minutes, 13 seconds).

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Category: Advertising
Topic: American Express, Mindshare, VideoNuze 2016 Online Video Advertising Summit

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Automation in Ad Operations: The Undervalued Opportunity [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

Posted by Will Richmond

At last month’s Video Ad Summit, VertaMedia’s CEO and co-founder Alex Bornyakov delivered a valuable presentation (slides here) on automated yield optimization through dynamic predictive waterfalls. As Alex pointed out, when publishers seek the highest fill rates for their inventory by adding more ad tags to their waterfalls, significant latency is introduced. This leads to poor user experiences and abandonment.

VertaMedia has pioneered solutions to this by using big data to analyze ad campaigns and streamline and automate waterfalls at the domain level. In his presentation Alex details the issues video publishers face and VertaMedia’s solution.

Watch the video now (8 minutes, 38 seconds).

Watch now!

Topic: VertaMedia, VideoNuze 2016 Online Video Advertising Summit

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