Echelon Studios & Video On Demand

In our capacity as both a film licensing and sales agent, Echelon Studios utilizes several vehicles to generate the greatest sales for your film, including video on demand (VOD) websites.


Every month Echelon Studios provides its newly acquired independent films to the sites listed below as well as many other VOD sites. To achieve the best results, it is imperative that producers encourage their family, friends and colleagues to rent or buy their films from these websites and provide positive feedback on each site.  In addition, in order to create interest in your film, we recommend creating as much internet traffic via blogs or reviews of your film on the internet.


Some of the video on demand (VOD) companies that Echelon Studios works with: 


1. BBC iPlayer (UK / Web)

2. 40D (UK / Web)

3. Sky Go (UK / iPad)

4. NOW TV (UK / iPad)

5. TED (international / iPad)

6. Crackle (international / Web)

7. Vimeo (international / iPhone)

8. Blip TV (international / Web)

9. Showtime Anytime (USA / iPad)

10. Hulu (USA / Web)

11. HBO GO (USA / Web)

12. Demand 5 (UK / iPad)

13. Horizon (Netherlands / iPad)

14. Netflix (UK / Samsung connected TV)

15. Amazon (UK)

16. Gulli (France / iPad)

17. Arte Live Web (France / Web)

18. VideoJug (international / iPad)

19. Vevo (international / iPad)

20. Bloomberg TV (UK / iPad)

21. YouTube (international / Web)

22. NBC (USA / iPad)

23. MAX GO (USA / Web)

24. ITV Player (UK / Web)