Pre-Acquisition Questionnaire

The following is a Pre-Acquisition Questionnaire that Echelon Studios utilizes to understand your film better and also to draft a preliminary contract for you to review:



We have reviewed your film and are very interested in working with you as your sales agent.  We have included a list of questions in this email, asking some basic information about your film.  We'll use this information to draft a preliminary contract for your review.  This will be an IFTA-approved boilerplate document, which we use primarily as a starting point to begin further negotiations.  Once we have a finalized contract negotiated and signed, our sales staff can start getting your film out to our film buyers. 


1. Title (spelling/capitalization exactly as you want)

2. Type of film (short, feature, documentary)

3. Genre

4. Length of film

5. Year of production

6. Copyright date

7. Country of origin

8. Spoken Language(s)

    Subtitle Language(s)

9. Bonus Features (if available)

10. MPAA rating (or equivalent)

11. Nudity?

12. Writer(s)



      Cast (in order of contractual obligations)

13. What was the film shot on?

14. What was the Cash Budget (total expenses) of the film?

15. Territories available

16. Has this film had any previous distribution? Have you worked with any other sales agents?

17. Name of company the film was made under (production company)

18. Who will sign the contract? Their title in the company?

19. Address of the company

20. Phone number(s)

21. Other contact information




22. CCs (partners, attorneys, etc.)



If you are interested in signing a contract with us, please fill out the information and return it to us as soon as possible.  Once we have received your information, we can draw up an initial document.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.  You can email us at [email protected]  Thanks.  We look forward to hearing and hopefully working with you soon!